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Descriptive Essay – Person Yasmin has been my close friend for fifteen years. I first met her during primary school in our class. I knew her since we were in standard 1. Our first meeting was when she asked me to eat together with her during recess time, we started talking and we have been friends ever since. Yasmin is quite good-looking. She is tall and slim, with milky white skin, great skin complexion and lovely wavy long, black hair. She wears neutral-tinted spectacles as she is nearsighted. She cannot see very well without her glasses. She is not like many other girls, who like to dress up prettily, keeping up with the latest trend and fashion. From her style, she is quite casual with her clothing; only by dressing in decent shirts and jeans, she will look well-dressed. Yasmin is very outgoing. She is very friendly and loves to have fun. When we went to hang out, she knows how to liven up the atmosphere and always make jokes to make us laugh. However, she can be very clumsy at times. When we need to do homework, she always losing her ruler or pen meanwhile the ruler or pen was actually buried under her clutter of books. Other than that, she always got some stain on her scarves when we were schooling back then, the stain can come from food, pen ink or water colour. She is an artistic person, all of her drawings and models built by her were amazing. Not wasting her great talent, she furthers her study at UiTM Shah Alam in Fine Art course and will be graduating soon. All in all, I am very glad to have Yasmin as my friend. It is a pleasure to have her as my friend and I enjoy her company. I am sure that we will always be close friends. (308 words) LIYANA ROSALI 62283113886

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