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______________________________________________________________________ (Car drives off into the distant Darkened Road) Narrator: (Facing to audience begins to walk along a darkened path) I wonder how he'll return (2). A broken facade with only grey faded thoughts taken from a bloody battlefield. It is only a matter of time before distortion and corruption. A grenade waiting to explode. The place of hope and prosper; a place of meaningless ambition for lost causes. And yet still he could not be closer to home. Different ground he has under his boots that is all. The military structured mind-set can only take oneself so far. A fragile structure diseased by conduct and order (.) with the dismissal of valuing life. Selling prosthetic visions for the future, still one day revealed the truth shall be. But must he die before he gets there? Dreams? They are dead and they are gone suffocated by the harsh reality of today. The only option left he said. To begin to live he must have first seen death. I view his actions with pitiful sorrow not pride. It is only anguish that leads him. His minds lost in bleak visions deluded by anger. My minds lost with nightmares streaming woken up kicking and screaming, (.) oh god please take me out of this place I’m in. We all live this same way. Even if we thought we were making our own way. Finding his sense of purpose … he doesn’t have to make it right just make things fine. And still the war rages on, hardships unseen. When darkens came the only light was him. How long shall that light last? If it burns does it not burn brightly enough to lighten the whole room? He did. But that light must always burn out. (Stops walking and looks upwards towards the sky sun is begging to set) So they hazy sunset arrives. I begin to wonder now if that is the same sun he shall see. If he should he ever see that sun again at all. Does

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