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Descriptive writing The funfair The lights blinded me as I walked through the gates of the funfair. My eyes were drawn like a magnet to the ‘Wild Death’ ride. As I looked up at the ride I could hear people screaming like they were being decapitated by executioners. The wafting aroma of sweet candy floss drew me to the pretty pink candy floss store, where a rosy cheeked curly haired woman asked “Can I help you sweetheart?” with a voice that sounded like feet walking over gravel. I felt the pretty pink candy floss; it was as if I was touching pink clouds. I took a tiny piece of sweet candy floss and putting it in my mouth. I felt taste the sweet sugar melting inside. As soon as I finished the candy floss I turned around and there was the ride, the ride that I’ve waited for, the ‘Wild Death’ ride. I took two steps towards to the ‘Wild Death ‘ride and I could feel my heart beating faster as I got closer. I was bursting with enthusiasm. I got onto the ride; I sat on the soft cushion and the safety bar encased me. The man that was starting the ride shouted “READY!” with a deep voice, and the ride started. We were going up really high; I looked down and saw how high we were. We were so high that everyone in the funfair ground looked like ants. I started screaming really loudly and the people on the ride were screaming even more; it was as if we were about to die. Then something unexpectedly happened, the ride stopped. We were really high when it stopped. I saw all around me from here but at the same time I was wondering what will happen next, will we go down slowly and calm or fast and scary?. Suddenly the ride went down so fast; it was really, really, really fast. The wind blew my hair, my hair was all over my face, it was everywhere. My face felt like someone was pulling it. My stomach dropped. I felt my legs swinging and my body slipping, I couldn’t keep

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