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The hotel room gleamed in the darkness, in the eerie glow of the candle. The candle stood innocently in the middle of the room. The candle was almost out. The flame danced gracefully in the darkness, as though at that moment it knew nothing else, but to dance. It swayed from left to right, wherever it could go. It reached out for the curtains and it reached out for the dress on the bed. Almost mockingly, the curtains blew just out of the reach of the candle. They blew in and blew out of the window. The dress stayed still, and then jumped up and down, daring the flame to come near. The smoke came out of nowhere. The candle won the battle with the dress and now it celebrated its victory. It spat out little puffs of smoke like a dragon that slowly filled the entire room. The grey, dirty smoke rose up in triumph choking anything that dared to demean its accomplishment. The smoke was just the beginning for what was to unfold. As the smoke was rising up, the fire decided to join the smoke in its celebration. It grew from the candle onto the dress, slowly working its way up, relishing each thread that it burnt. With each stitch that burnt, the fire grew bigger. What started off from the flame of a small candle now threatened to burn the entire room down. The fire spread all around the dress and greedily enveloped the bed too. It lapped the bed sheets and all the rugs all over the room. It grew larger and larger, its hunger for destruction growing. It jumped from the foot of the bed to the wooden floorboards, burning them all. It burnt everything that was in its way. The bright yellow flames now danced around with a sinister appeal. The fire was all over the room, burning everywhere. The fiery inferno was a spectacle to watch. The hotel room was ablaze and there was no stopping the fire. It raged on and on hungry for more. Many attempts to put out the fire were

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