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Descriptive Writing Piece Everyday, after work, I walk up the stairs, the same cold metal stairs everyday leading to my apartment on the 11th floor, where I go home to nothing, which is all I have. I don’t have anyone, friends, family, pets, they all just don’t exist. I unlock my door and enter the dark lonely room, the sun is still out but it doesn’t shine through my window, I guess I’m on the wrong side of the building. I go outside to my balcony and look over the edge, it’s impossible to smile for anything, no one notices me, and no one cares. Not even the little birds chirping happily in the trees. I feel salty tears welling up in my eyes, rolling off my cheek and falling on the cold, hard floor below, lucky tears…they don’t have to deal with the sorrows of life. I go inside and look in a mirror, staring back is a gloomy figure, blending in with the dull, sad background, “I hate you, everything you are and ever have been, I hate it.” I say to myself. I start crying uncontrollably as I clench my teeth and all of a sudden I feel a fit of rage coming out of no-where, yet deep inside of me. I slam both of my fists into the mirror and it smashes into a million pieces on the floor. There are deep gashes on my hands and wrists, I fall to the floor and start bashing the smashed glass with my hands, slashing through my skin and covering everything in blood. My hands are raw and bleeding, arteries have been mutilated and I finally feel my end growing near. I pick up some shards of smashed glass and carry it over to my balcony to drop it over the edge, watching it cut through the air at high speeds in a hope that it will injure the world that brought me to this, they don’t deserve their happiness. As I’m throwing the glass, I notice that my skin is turning white and I feel light-headed.

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