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Biz Jago Unit III Extra Credit Michele Christle 4/5/12 As I walked up to the field I tried to remove myself from the present setting and envision myself floating above the brown diamond of sand with a notebook and pen. The first thing I took note of was the herds of people of all shapes and sizes packed together with their noses against the chain link backstop, slightly resembling a can of sardines. Just a few feet behind them sitting on dull silver bleachers were bunches of students sporting UMass apparel, with the exception of a few BC Eagles sweatshirts sprinkled in here and there. As I glanced to my left I realized I was standing next to an older man with a thick grey mustache, who was vigorously chewing on sunflower seeds. I looked up to check the score of the game, and shielded my eyes with my hand to block the gleaming rays of sunset from penetrating my sensitive eyes. The scoreboard read 4-2 with UMass ahead. As I turned my attention back to the older man standing to my left I noticed he was proudly sporting a BC Softball t-shirt, and assumed he was there supporting his daughter or relative. This assumption went on to lead me to believe the constant aggressive action of spitting of sunflower seed shells accompanied by repetitive under the breath angry mutters, was due to his affiliation to the BC women’s softball team. As the sun was beginning to set over Amherst, bright beams of orange and yellow light shone directly into the crowd’s eyes, resulting in mostly everyone looking as if they were standing at attention. With the sun going down and darkness creeping up slowly but surely, I began to notice more and more UMass sweatshirts and blankets escaping the underarm clutch of each fan. A quick gust of wind sent the entire crowd into a soft synchronized banter of “burrs” and shivers. The sardine like pack of people still clinging to the backstop

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