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Zeb Roberts Descriptive Paper Growing up in a small town in Ohio, I had to find things to do and most of them had to be outside. We had a large yard out in the country so at a young age I started playing golf in the back yard. It was always a fun hobby, but nothing more than that. Then, when I was in seventh grade, something happened that changed my life. The sights, smells, and feeling I experienced the first time I stepped on a real golf course with my family has influenced a passion that still burns brightly in me to this day. The first thing I can recall when we arrived at shady grove golf course was the smell. Stepping out of the car there was a strong smell of freshly cut grass like the many summer days playing in the backyard. The gas fumes from the lawnmower filled my nostrils reminding me of all hard work being done to maintain the course. Walking to the club house with my family, I noticed the sprinklers were on around the course. The smell of the water was like the fresh blast of air you get before it starts to rain in the springtime. I knew walking up to the first tee that this was going to be nothing like playing in back yards at home. Looking over my first shot, I couldn’t help but gaze around the course and marvel at the sights. The small, well-manicured greens that were spotted around the course, just slightly lighter green than the fairways that surrounded them. The sun made the freshly watered grass sparkle as if someone had spread tiny diamonds everywhere. Being that the course was all short par three’s, I walked up to my ball like a great white shark ready to attack his prey. I wanted to get after this course and experience the feelings of real golf. As I stood over my ball to take my first shot, I couldn’t help be feel overwhelmed. The grips of my club seemed to stick to my sweaty palms, as if they knew that my nerves were high. I

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