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Descriptive report of a teaching context Here I try to making clear the teaching context I adopt in the classroom. During the lesson I do NOT use or allow the students to use their own language. Our classrooms are English only environments where all activity is conducted in English in a friendly and comfortable environment.Research has shown that teachers using the target language in class get better results ifstudents listen to the teacher and each other and communicate only in English. Influences from our native language can affect the comprehension or production of English and dramatically slow down the learning process. Using our native language can lead to pupils relying on it for both concept and meaning transfer, and not taking the needed step to take ownership of English, thus slowing or even freezing the language development. This leads pupils to not needing to acquire English, as their teacher handles their concerns native language, thus reinforcing the fact that they do not really need to acquire the skills for English. I always try to use appropriately graded English in each lesson. This means that they simplify their own language to that of a level which the students can easily understand. Through context, pictures, gestures, etc, we demonstrate the target language in a way which pupils can easily understand and reproduce. It is not important that a pupil understands each word we say. What is important is that the general meaning of the speaking is understood. Each language is different, and English, Russian and Uzbek have very few similarities. We should focus the attention of pupils on the use of lexical phrases rather than individual words, backed up by a rich vocabulary, which when put together enables students to communicate clearly. Many pupils fear that they will not be understood by their teacher nor understand their teacher if the

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