Descriptive Paper: My Bible

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My, Once Remembered, Elixir Taken aback the moment I pulled it from my drawer, where it had been buried amid my jungle of clothes, I sit, staring as I clench it in my hands. Merely the sight of it, after so much time has seemingly passed, causes my entire existence to come to a halt, reduced to slow, steady paced breathing and a perfect stillness, despite the reality of chaos surrounding me. I feel the blood as it pulsates through my fingertips while they cradle my love. Its never ending flow of impossible answers and its promises that seem to know no restraint reeled me in years ago, making me helpless without it now. I cling to it… my, once remembered, elixir. My eyes drink in the aqua-colored encasement. The vibrant blues pour into the innermost parts of my soul, refreshing the desolate island of my existence. All at once, I am flooded with memories of times it had been my rescue. Its timeworn rims rear back into curlicues, touching down on both sides of the spine. White illuminates both extreme ends. Toward the opening, my sons teething signature remains prominent, a reminder of when I carried it with me around the house. We were inseparable. I had fallen slave to it when my oldest son received his diagnosis. Part of its load was matted where he had once gnawed on it for relief. I begin to pry matted parts open, revealing its splendor. Each leaf reveals something different; about me, about the world, about life. Some are colorful, where I had once found great hope and promise. Vibrancies and life fill these spaces. I devour it as if I have been starved for such goodness since my last encounter with it. Just as addicting as before, I splurge in all its glory. The messages underneath the neon colors invigorate me. Still, further in, others parts are stiff and have grooves where my heavy and guilt-laden footprints have left their mark. I hear the crackling as

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