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John Doe Prof. ----- English 99-01 8 September 2014 Prompt Essay #1 Descriptive Narration Living with my grandparents was one of the most beautiful times of my life. They were my parents for the first four years of my life while my parents migrated to the U.S. to give me a better future. Grandma would feed me and clothes me, my grandpa would take me to school and helped me feed my chickens and bunnies when I got home. The most memorable moment was when I was riding my tricycle and I fell and scraped my knee horribly and my grandpa panicked a little too much. I remember waking up that day on a Saturday morning. The smell of wet cement outside from the rain the night before and me splashing through the puddles outside. Grandma running behind me “Mi cielo te vas a mojar la ropa” (“My darling you’re going to wet your clothes”). I went back inside to eat the mouthwatering meatballs my grandma makes but I was impatient to go outside and play with my tricycle so my grandpa went outside with me. We fed my bunnies then he helped me get my bike out the garage. My grandpa always has been such a nervous guy especially with his family. I was riding my bike up and down the rocky driveway, I felt like a grown kid riding furiously scaring the birds away from the shorter trees. I remember grandma yelling at grandpa to be careful if I fell into the roses and thorns so I went to the backyard. I made a turn at full speed and I fell. Everything was going in slow motion in my head and when my knee hit the cement and I felt the sting that was when everything came back to reality. I started screaming and grandpa was frightened I might have a broken something so he ran into the house with me in his arms and called my grandma for help. They were both scared but my grandma worked up to grab the peroxide and alcohol and I cried even more pleading to my grandpa not to put it on my cut

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