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My family vacation to Padre Island My family and I arrived at Padre Island on a bright sunny afternoon. As we drove our way through the congested streets, the island was filled with tourist dressed in their straw hats and beach wear. We continued down the busy main street and noticed the colorful souvenir shops with glass windows and mist sprayers lining the entry doors. On the right side we saw a bungee ride and on the left was a flying, spinning top ride. I then realized South Padre Island has more to offer than a sandy beach and an ocean. We continued to drive the island in search of our vacation home. We finally spotted a large two story beach house, with six bedrooms and three bathrooms. As we entered the house, the children dashed to pick a bedroom, with six families there it sounded like a herd of cattle was storming the house. We settled in our rooms, then ventured to the rooftop and admire the gorgeous panoramic view of the ocean. We can see ski divers with their rainbow parachutes in the clear blue sky as they glided above the ocean. The next morning we awoke to the rays of the sun peaking in through the window. I knew we were in for a scorching day, so we dawn are swim suits and wandered to the beach. The ocean looked refreshing, but it was deceiving, the first step I took into the water was hot. The further I walked in the ocean the cooler and refreshing the water felt. Finally, we were able to cool our bodies and get relieve from the blistering sun. While at the beach we played on our bogie boards and waited to be consumed by the waves as they smashed into the tides. We also built the ugliest sand castles and buried our feet in the revitalizing sand. At the end of the evening we witness the beautiful sunset as the glare from the moon glistened over the ocean. On the second day we decided to explore the island. We rented a blue and pink polka

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