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College Writing I August 16, 2015 Descriptive Essay Topics The two possible topics I am exploring for our week 4 descriptive essay assignments are: • The memorable experience I had learning to cook. • The memorable experience I had moving to the USA. I feel that both my topics will work well with the descriptive writing strategy as they are wrought with emotion. This emotion will allow me to use rich sensory detail to connect my audience to the imagery I wish to convey through my experiences. I find that when a descriptive essay is based on one’s own actual experiences the audience is much more receptive than one based solely on research. There are many exploratory strategies to choose from when exploring and expanding one’s essay topic ideas. I find that the use of clustering has been beneficial while exploring and expanding on topic ideas. By creating a visual map I can explore several ideas immediately through the use of associations and further build upon them. I find these visual stimulations very beneficial and have used them continuously during my time here at this College. I have also found that free writing releases the burden of having to check or think about my grammar, spelling or punctuation and affords me the ability to open up my creative thought process while allowing my imagination to run wild and spill out over the once blank page before me. I have also found free writing very helpful in finding my focus, and have come up with many interesting ideas and memories that I will be including in my essay. Using both the clustering and free writing techniques I have been able to find both a clear focus and direction for my essay and will be incorporating both these techniques in my future writing

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