Descriptive Essay: The City Of Cleveland

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While driving up to Cleveland the cars can be seen from miles away, as they start to pile up for the Sunday afternoon. It almost looks like everyone in Ohio is here to see their team play. Then just as you are entering Cleveland you can smell all of the toxins from the factories. It almost smells like an old moldy sandwich that you left out in the hot humid sun for a couple of days. You feel like rolling down your windows to get the smell out of your car, but you then realize, that the musky odor is coming from outside of the car. As you arrive in the city it feels like someone amazing is in town such as the President of the United States of America. There is so much energy, it is almost like the time when you got your drivers license or had your first…show more content…
The stadium is loud from all of the crazed fans yell. It is so loud that you probably can hear it from Jacobs Field. Also when a player gets hit hard everyone can hear it, it sounds like a freight train hitting a brick wall. The players on the field yell out the play that the coach gave them and when they make a mistake the coach yells. On the hot humid day during the game it is nice to have a big glass of ice cold pop. Also you can go inside to the concession stand to get yourself what ever you want to. Not to far down the hall from that is the souvenir show which has just about everything that a Browns fan would need. It never fails if you are at a Browns game and there is a guy drinking beer behind you and they yell a lot you are most likely going to have beer spilled all over you. To the left of the stadium there is Lake Erie which provides a nice cold breeze on a hot day or it provides you with bone chilling wind on a cold one. Also there is the Rock en Roll Hall of Fame and the Science Museum. As the game comes to an end and the players leave, the field is torn up because of there game, there are worn patches of grass everywhere on the

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