Descriptive Essay of a Beach

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Softly the sea struggled over the coarse sand, stroking the old sea shells as it slowly made its way back. A delicate crab shook as it pushed itself up, as if heaving a heavy load. Its legs gave in and it fell back to its sandy prison once again. Jellyfish were strewn along the shore, ever waiting to be carried back home. Screeches of seagulls could be heard overhead, making the smaller fish cower. The bloodthirsty predators circled overhead, picking out its prey. Along the coast an eerie breeze made the tattered flag flicker suddenly. A cobblestone paths led up to a freshly burned down house, the scent of smoldering wood drifted round the scene. The fragrance that drifted in the air was a mixture of sensual, tangy, and sweet flowers. The exquisite afternoon was complemented with the salty and balmy air. Enthralling rhythmic waves performed entrancing music. Lush coarse sand carpeted the ground. These unforgettable impressions made the brilliant beach in an extraordinary place to visit. It was indeed the perfect get away experience. As the light wind wafted by, the tropical oceanic scent mingled with the floral fragrance. Hints of brine, sun screen, and wild blossoms seemed to sway to the nimble tune of the gentle gusts. The heady sensation stirred images of zealous summertime fun. If any person would close his eyes under the bright sunny rays and inhale the potent aroma, a smile would undeniably follow. This mesmerizing saltwater perfume could immediately put the disheartened mind into a delightful mood. While amiably strolling along, the ambience was overwhelmingly relaxing as the deep cobalt waters reflected the azure sky. The surrounding was merely breached by the breath taking horizon. A combination of greens and blues outlined the cerulean expanse at the far end. Small frothy white bubbles were formed as the surfs coyly lapped at each other and

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