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Descriptive Essay/ Narrative essay (500 words) Everyone has a dream, a determination. Lok, a full of talent and friendly guy, has a dream that he wishes to accomplish. However, his lack of confidence pulls himself away from his success. Lok was born in Hong Kong but raised in Canada. He moves along with his parents to Toronto when he was a child. He is able to speak Chinese and English, but is too shy to make new friends. Lok feels nobody likes him or wants to be his friend, so he becomes less talkative as time progresses. Lok loves to sing, dance and have fun with others. He always daydreams about applying to singing contest on television show and perform in front of the school. However, he is shy and has little confident in himself when it comes to performing in front of strangers. He does not like to do presentations in front of classes, whenever he has to do a presentation he will tremble and talks very fast. One morning, while Lok is walking to school, he sees his best friend running towards him. He surprises and asks what had happened, his friend Jason, told Lok that there was a Chinese singing contest application at school. Lok runs back to school with Jason with excitement. Lok cannot focus in class knowing that there is a singing contest being held at school. He hurries to the cafeteria once the loud school bell rings. In the cafeteria, Lok sees Jason staring at the poster. He stands beside Jason, both stares at the poster deciding if they should apply for the contest. At last, Jason decides to apply. He sees Lok looking desperate yet scares at the same time, so he tells Lok to apply with him as a partner and sing a duet together. Lok’s cousin, Carol, tapped Lok’s shoulder as Jason suggests to Lok. Carol requests to Lok and Jason if she is okay to join the competition with them as a team. Carol and Jason are best friends at school. They are very

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