My Ordinary House Cat Cats

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Cats are each very unique in their personalities and different in their own special ways, even my ordinary house cat Batman. Batman has soft, thick fur that is black, gray, brown and white. He has a lovable face with whiskers that are black at the base and fade out to white. The whiskers are long and thick and remind me of needles when they fall out. He has a nose that is a pinkish-brown color. His lips are black; his tongue pink and rough like sandpaper. He has razor sharp teeth that can sink into my hand if I am doing something to him that he doesn’t like. The hair on the underside of his chin is white. His eyes are brown in color. His left eye is usually teary as he has had a problem with that eye since he was about six weeks old. In some lighting, it will sometimes appear that he is…show more content…
He weighs about nine pounds and is always warm. Many times he smells like dirt as he loves to roll in the dirt in the garden; consequently, one may even feel little dirt clods in his coat while petting him. His personality comes out quite a bit in his demands of attention. If I am petting him and stop, he will head-butt my hands to remind me that I need to pet him. While lying on my bed, he will climb up on the bed and lie right on my chest. If I roll over and ignore him, he will most likely come up and stick his face right in my face. He will lay down right next to my head and not leave until he is satisfied with the attention. Batman is a talkative cat. When he’s been outside and comes in the house, he will meow and meow until he gets what he wants, whether that is attention or food. In fact, he will come in sometimes early in the morning and meow “Mama”. He doesn’t purr that much nor does he knead with his paws very often. He has many favorite places to recline or nap. When I shower in the morning, he jumps up on top of the towel cabinet which is approximately seven feet tall. He jumps up from the floor onto the bathroom counter and then up
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