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The only other country I've ever lived in is Germany. It was very different than living in Texas in the U.S. For one thing, my refrigerator was dorm sized, not full sized. I wondered how you could possibly put a whole week's worth of groceries in it and then found out you don't. You market daily. There is a bakery in every neighborhood, a butcher shop, a produce shop. You buy your meat fresh cut that day and your bread in an unsliced loaf. I loved the dark rye! Everything was in liters instead of gallons. A liter of gas for the car, a liter of soda pop. My landlady thought it was horrible that I ate corn. In Germany, she said, they feed corn to the pigs. She saved all her vegetable waste (like potato peelings, for example) and composted them for her small vegetable garden. There were no single level houses like in Texas. Every house was at least three stories of separate apartments. And for our whole building we got three tiny little garbage cans. Must have much smaller landfills than we have in the U.S. judging from how little garbage they generated. I couldn't buy peanut butter in Germany. There were lots of lovely parks and on Sundays people would get dressed up like for church and whole families would walk in the parks or feed the ducks. Hausfraus (housewives) would sweep their steps out front every single day and it was illegal to drive an "eyesore." The taxi cabs were all Mercedes. Even the police vehicles were Mercedes. And no matter how old your Volkswagon was, you could still get parts for it. Nothing was ever obsolete. We lived in the basement apartment and there was an oil furnace in the room next to our living room. During the day, the wall would be warm to the touch. At 9:00 every night, though, the furnace got turned off until 6:00 the next morning. You were supposed to be in bed under the covers so you didn't need heat

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