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It is finally here my eighteenth birthday today you are no longer a teenager, Katie thought to herself. She would be having a small get together with family and friends at a bowling alley down the street. With the sun brightly coming in her window she got up and walked down the stairs. Katies mom and dad greeted her as she walked in to the kitchen. “Good morning honey happy birthday,” her mom said. “Thank you”, replied Katie. “Honey” her mom said can you please go into the living room while I talk to your father. “Uh, okay” Katie answered. Katie suddenly smiled and thought maybe they had a gift for her in the living room as they always do on her birthday. Or would it be different because she was officially an adult?. “Katie you can come back now,” yelled her dad. “We need to talk sweetie “ her mom said gently. “What were about to tell you might hit you hard,” her parents said. “What are you going to say I am adopted or something?” Katie said with a small laugh. She was only trying to lighten the mood but then noticed her Parents expressionless faces. I know it wasn’t funny “sorry,” she mumbled. Okay well, I guess there is no good way to ease ourselves into this topic.“You are not really human,” her dad said in his serious voice. “At least not in the natural sense of the word” her mom said. Her parents faces were serious, but nothing about there conversation seemed serious. What am I? Katie asked. Well, her father said eighteen years ago on this very day your mom and I were in space back in our NASA days we landed on mars. We made contact with a life form who insisted we take you with us. It said one day you would get a call from them through your dreams. “uh seriously, tell me you are joking” Katie said. “We wish we were,” said her dad. “We can talk more about it later you are going to be late for school,” said her mom. “school”! Katie shouted. I

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