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Abdu Kibuuka Comp 101 Paul Mendonca 10/29/13 Descriptive Essay Martha’s Authentic Caribbean Cuisine on Sundays My love for authentic Caribbean food all started when my grandmother decided to leave Haiti in 1990 because her husband died of the flu. She had no other way of supporting herself financially so she made the choice, to come to America. The land where she believed anything is possible. She even brought all eight of her children to the states, one by one. I think she is an incredibly strong woman to have worked so hard to get all her children to America. My grandmother brought my mom to America in 1990, and then in 1993 she had me. From then on I had two mothers. I was the second grandchild and my grandmother took care of me like I was her own. So I had two people to call mommy. I love my grandmother so much and she taught me everything I know today. I learned to cook from being around her so much. My grandmother cooks very well. My cousins and I always looked forward to Sundays, because we always had the greatest meals. Every Sunday my grandmother and I would be at church at 9 am. It was always a hassle to wake up early for church at 7 am, but my grandmother always made me go. When I got up, my grandmother would be cooking breakfast. The smell of the food is what would wake me up in the morning. She would make Sweet Oatmeal puree and croissants. The aroma of sweet cinnamon oatmeal in the air as I wake up made me feel great to be alive. I love how the cinnamon spice gives off an aromatic smell that brightens up the whole room, which also stimulated my appetite. The buttery croissants just completed my breakfast meal for the morning. After that we arrive at church at 9 am, and we get back home by 12 pm. I would get home change out of my church outfit. Then I helped prepare lunch with grandma, slicing veggies and prepping. Then I would go

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