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Justin Webb October 21st 2012 Professor Olsen English 1113 Second Chance The story starts off on a bright blue skied sunny day in the pacific northwest, its Thanksgiving day and the plan was to go up to Grandma’s house which is approximately 35 minutes up the Washougal river road in Washougal Washington. In my car it was three of my best friends and I these aren’t just your ordinary friends they were my family. The friends I’ve grown up with, went on vacations with and was always with them 24/7. We load up the civie, my car, the classic 2004 red Honda civic that everyone seems to get for his or her first car. We set off on our adventure and as always we are blasting music being kids driving up the long windy scenic drive that the Washougal river road is. If you don’t know the Washougal river road kills at least 5 people every year, due to its windy turns and no streetlights through out the entire road. Ive made the trip up the road easily 30 times or more, some would call me an experienced driver for the roads up. And as expected all four of us made it up to the woodland oasis that my grandparents live on. My grandparents live on a tree farm far up in the forests of Skamania County. They own 85 acres of river, waterfalls and trees, an absolutely gorgeous place to reside and retire. So many different shades of trees, flowers animals, basically your stereotypical Disney channel movie house in the woods. My grandma is famous for her cooking, like all good grandmothers should be, with your traditional 10 lb turkey, stuffing, potatoes, the thanksgiving works was waiting for us on the table when we showed up. Nothing beats that first step of walking into the house and being emerged into the warm aroma and smells that over power any other senses at the time. We helped set up the table with fancy china and silver utensils and all sat down at the large oak table.

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