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Diane Irwin College Composition February 4, 2008 Cruising – The Way to Go!!! As I sit on the balcony of my stateroom watching passengers board the ship, I am calm, relaxed, and dreaming of seven more days of tropical paradise. I have done this before, but each time I am more convinced that this escape from reality is the best way to decompress adverse effects of the fast-paced life of home. Tropical paradise by way of a cruise ship has many benefits to engage the mind, soul, and the senses. The activities on board the ship along with beautiful scenery, exquisite cuisine, and the fresh, salt-water breeze lift me to a higher place that will last for months to come. The day started out with winter storm warnings and we knew we had to get out of town fast. There were six of us scheduled to leave on the cruise that afternoon. We were waiting in anticipation for our plane to depart Cleveland and to our destination of Miami. We all sat on pins and needles watching the snow and ice outside the airport window. We were all silently praying that our flight would leave soon so we would arrive in plenty of time to embark on our seven day journey to the Western Caribbean on the Carnival Victory. We arrived at the Port of Miami with time to spare. Three of my daughter’s friends that traveled with us had never been on a cruise before. To see their faces when the Carnival Victory came into view; they stared in awe at the size of the ship. They could not contain their excitement while going through all the necessary paperwork to board the ship. After the paperwork was completed, we started our journey to the ship. Once we stepped foot on board the ship, they were all dazed and could not believe their eyes. The Carnival Victory was enormous and so glamorous; it was like a city of its own. They could not wait to go explore every part of this amazing cruise ship.

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