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Sara Snoberger Essay #2 Mrs. Gardill, English 101 Febuary.2 ,2013 My twin sister and I had different relationships at different times in our lives. When we were little, my sister and I always dressed alike, played with the same barbies, and even had our hair fixed alike. We had the same brown water beds, purple flowerly dress, and even the same perm. We were always playmates and best friends . I had other friends as well as my sister but no one was like having my sister there all the time. In elementary school we would compare our crushes. I had a crush on this Asian boy named Dylan. My sister also had a boyfriend. It started out in our early years that my sister didn’t like my boyfriend or thought he was obnoxious. We also compared school work, not picking our noses that day, or who could tie their shoes better. My sister however was better at math in school and tieing her shoes. She actually had to teach me. We were best friends then and I was glad to have a playmate 24-7. When we got a little older, my sister and I were getting a little sick of being around each other all the time, sharing clothes, and even having the same friends. This caused a lot of arguments between us. If I needed a new outfit, hair accessory, or those white pumped up soda shoes, my sisters closet is where I’d go. She absoultley hated that I did that. At the time It didn’t bother me when she wasn’t home to go to her closet and not even think twice about it. That caused a lot of fights between us. We both had long fingernails and would grab each other by the arm and dig them into each other’s skin. Sometimes we would even draw blood. I still have scars on my right arm from our catfights. When we reached middle school, we were nervous, scared, and anxious because it was a new experience with new people. We had classmates from Mount Savage, Beall Elementary, and Frost

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