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Many students still remember to this day Mr. William their elementary school principal, the most nervous man they have ever met. He was a short man who was always formally dressed. He usually combs his perfectly trimmed gray hair back, when he talked in class. He would pace back and forth the hallways in a weird motion of twitching and twiddling. When he was angry he usually wrinkled his little nose, scratched his plum chin, shrugged his shoulders and straighten his tie as he talked. Never would he once look at the person in the eye while talking. He usually glanced at the ceiling, look down at the floor, or anywhere else except at the person standing in front of him. As soon as the conversation was over, he would dash back into his office like a frightened bunny. Their self reserved elementary school Principal Mr. William was a very solitary man. He usually stayed apart from other teachers’ in the staff room. He was also secluded from others and hardly ever socialized with anyone at school. Therefore he never took the responsibility in any of the school activities or any educational programs for his students. One may have an impression of him being reserved to himself most of the time. For example when anyone tried talking to him he would hardly respond with a word or two, and that gave the impression that he did not have any confidence in him. Over the number of years Mr. William did not show strong leadership towards neither his school nor his students, which is the main key factor of being a principal. It affected his career as well as his relationship with students and the teacher’s around him. He started losing confidence in him and also started getting isolated from everyone around him at

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