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Descriptive Content Analysis

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  • on April 10, 2012
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Assignment 1:   (cross-sectional research)

1) Main research problem

The research conducted by the researcher is a qualitative, cross-sectional, descriptive content analysis of selected advertisements from two different magazines published in August 2010 using the different creative concepts as main emphasis.

It is researchable due to the fact that data can be collected. The magazines relating to the research is affordable to the researcher and therefore the study is feasible. The research involves no people and no human can be harmed during the conduct of the research and therefore it promotes ethnical acceptability. The research is relevant to communication as it deals with issues of mass media, which appeals strongly to the researcher as a communication student.

2) The extent of the problem or issue

The issue occurs widely as there are many various different magazines available in many different places. All these serve as possibilities for research issues. The advertisements found in these different magazines are all made up of differing creative concepts or elements.

Two different magazine publications from the same month will serve as the sources for the research conducted. The August 2010 issues of the woman’s magazines   Cosmopolitan and Fairlady   will be used. Both contain a variety of differing advertisements of which the content will be discussed.

3) Population

We can distinguish between target population and accessible population. In this case the target population are all the various different magazine publications and all the different advertisements contained in them. The accessible population is the two magazine publications chosen by the researcher (Cosmopolitan and Fairlady both published August 2010) as well as the 8 different advertisements selected by the researcher.

Population characteristics relating to the research refers to the different creative concepts, typography, layout and content of the advertisements in the...

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