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In the film, Iron Jawed Angels, there are many historical accuracies, and a few discrepancies. Some of the historical accuracies present in the film were, the parade, and the women’s imprisonments. The historical timeline of the movie was also accurately depicted. Some of the discrepancies in the movie were the hunger strike, nineteenth amendment, and Alice Paul’s romance. To go more in depth about the accuracies, the parade was accurately depicted. For example, Inez Milholland is portrayed on a white horse during the parade. She is seen as a powerful figurehead during the parade. This is historically accurate because if one looks at pictures from history, she is also seen on a white horse. Another example is the White House Picketing and the Imprisonment. In the movie it depicts the women picketing for almost a whole year and in silence, which is historically accurate. Also, the women’s imprisonment was able to should the horrible condition the women were living in. It showed how often they became ill and how hard it was to survive in the prisons. Furthermore, the historical discrepancies were movie were the hunger strike, nineteenth amendment, and Alice Paul’s romance. In history the women did go on a hunger strike, but it was not because they were mad about their imprisonment. The women went on a hunger strike because they were unsatisfied with the way they were being treated in prison. Also, in the movie it showed that the nineteenth amendment was passed immediately after they were released from prison, which is inaccurate. Lastly, in the movie Alice Paul is seen to be involved romantically, which is not true. Alice Paul was never involved with anyone romantically. In essence, the film Iron Jawed Angels does a spectacular job of depicting the historical accuracies. It accurately depicts the most important event involving women’s suffrage.

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