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Henry To Mrs. Schreibman English 3 AP Period 2 12 November 2013 Descriptive Essay #7 Imagine living in a neighborhood where you live next to bay and a few blocks away from casinos. I would call my neighborhood a clean and friendly neighborhood because the people that live in it are nice. That is where I been living all my life. You hear the sound of cars engine going down the street during the days most of the time. This neighborhood belongs in a part of Atlantic City. You’ll see houses that look like they have been here for a while. You will see trees in front of almost every house in the sidewalks in my neighborhood so you get the feeling of nature because see animals like squirrels and birds all they time. My neighborhood reminds me of located in a place that has a little bit of everything. When you walk into my neighborhood you will feel like you are almost walking into any normal neighborhood but it’s much more than that. My house is in the middle of my block and is right next to a parking lot. During the summer if you were to look into my backyard it would look like a jungle. My backyard is a garden that has a look like it been cover in vegetation because plants grow the fences around it so it look a big green jungle and in you into it there will be bugs in it waiting for you and some of them may also be waiting to bite you. Not all of the house in my block are similar as they vary in size, shape, and color. Generally if you were to hear anything on this block it will be either the sound of cars or the sounds or bird chirping during the summer. The parking lot that I have mention before feels like it is there for nothing because I think it was made for parking for employees of a roofing contractor company but for years it seem like people stop working there or that they had built a second location out of the city so that workers don’t come to this

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