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Cumberland City Steam Plant As a kid, my father would take me fishing at the Cumberland City Steam Plant. This is located about a forty-minute drive from our house in Clarksville, Tennessee. Life is put on hold when you arrive. There are many different cultures of people that I have met while fishing at the steam plant; they are from all over the World. People are stationed at the nearby military base that traveled over an hour to get there and the local folks that live less than one mile. The best part is no matter what you look like or how you talk, everyone has a common interest. It is very easy to start a conversation when it comes to something you enjoy doing. The area also has an abundance of other wild life such as beaver’s, snakes, crayfish, and stray cats. These animals are attracted to the area because of the items left behind from the humans. People fishing will catch small fish to use as bait. The angler will cut them up for the guts of the fish and leave the remains on the rock banks. Often in the summer time, the heat beats down on the remains causing a very strong stench of dead fish. Every now and then, I can remember going and there would be a different smell. Usually you would just have to look for the buzzards to know what the smell was. The buzzards gathered around the dead animal, usually it was a cat. I can remember the sound of the steam valves releasing pressure scaring me and thinking that the plant was going to blow up. The high whistling sound it made was earth screeching, as more valves opened up, it was harder to hear what the person next to you was saying. As a kid I was not much in to fishing, I was more amazed with all the bottles and worm containers, hoping that one of the containers had some left over worms in them. Looking back now, I can see that not much has changed in the up keep of the place other than my view of it.

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