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Autumn is alien. The season of plentiful harvests and dried hay is soon replaced by Halloween and horror. It is a portal to a time of dread, when winter’s suffocating skies control the land. At its most glorious, autumn is spectacular. The world is a-blaze in its fiery cloak of colours, from incandescent-red to lightning-gold. Then both leaf-flame and field-light burn bright one last time, here fading into the dying ashes of their memory. Autumn starts with provisions exploding from the crackly mattress of the floor. Above them, the leaves become conflagration-red. It is the signal for ripened berries to fall from weary bushes. Bronzed nuts, unhinged by the wheezing wind, go thunk-thunk-thunk as they fall like scattered gunshot. As the nights turn chill, the urge for food is rekindled. The sound of animals chewing on nuts and slurping on berries fills the forest one last time. Then they delve, dig and disappear in order to escape the coming onslaught. Clouds fill up the sky like vaporous veils, intent on causing mischief. The canopy of the trees is still a-smoulder, but it won’t last long. The sweltering-oranges, riot-reds and burning-yellows will soon fade. The waxing moon and the waning sun vie for supremacy. The sun, Gods daystar, is as luminous as his left eye. The moon, his night star, is as phosphorescent as his right. Eventually, the moon wins the timeless battle of the ages. The molten-gold sheets of summer light turn into despairing fingers of moonlight. They poke through the trees rather than drown the forest’s floor. The straining light of the autumn moon creates a dome of soft glow above the trees. This lends an eerie glamour to their death sleep. The wind dies with the tree-fire on occasion, creating a terrible silence. There is no insect-hum, no leaf-rustle, no wind-music. The winged symphony of birdsong no longer rings out. In the rivers, the

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