Description of the Track Essay

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The WHS track is seen in three different lights to me; literally. There is the sunlight shining upon you, the stadium lights reflecting on the turf, and the stars slithering in the sky when the lights are turned off. Peaceful, relaxing, strong, competitive, and energized. These are all ways that the track makes me feel. The track gives me a sense of spirit for my hometown and for my school. The people of the town are supportive of those who compete at the track and on all of the surrounding fields. Whether playing a sport, supporting a team, or trying to add a little activity to your everyday life, the track will help you achieve your goals. For me, the track is a place for recreation, sport, and spirit, three things that are very important to me. At night, while the lights are left on I enter the track, plug in my iPod and start to run. I feel relaxed as I clear my mind and concentrate on the steam rising off the surface of the black track beneath me. Soft and warm, I glide over the surface. I pass children jogging with their parents, an older woman walking along the outer edges and then there is me. My Asics hit the ground with a soft tap, almost unnoticeable to those around me. As time ticks by, the track becomes empty and the lights click off, leaving the area almost black. Just me and the track. All I can see and hear are the stars overhead and the cool breeze whipping at trees and biting my bare skin. When track season comes around, my relaxing nights come to an end. Along with the rest of the team, I transform into a focused athlete. The aura surrounding the track aids in this alteration. On the way to the track we are overwhelmed with giggles and discussion of the school day. However, as the track comes into view, there is quiet that comes over us as we make an effort to get focused on the upcoming meet. As we enter the track there
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