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Description of a place To many children, the Zoo Negara is a fascinating place to visit. One can spend the whole day touring it and still end up thinking that the time spent was too short. It is a world of animals, both wild and tame. The entrance to the zoo is a huge gate where tickets are sold at the ticket booth. The gate with its shocking red colour never fails to welcome visitors. When one enters the zoo grounds, one first sees big cages where the animals are kept. Many types of animals like lions, tigers, elephants and chimpanzees are seen inside their cages. Some cages are small that it makes one wonder whether it is cruel to cage them. The animals move about restlessly inside their cages. Surely by now, they are used to the stares and picture taking of the zoo visitors. But then, will any animal or person ever get used to being looked at? Birds can also be seen inside their cages and on the trees. This is a glorious sight that always attracts many zoo visitors especially the bird lovers. Birds of myriad colours, some with long, glossy multi-hued feathers rested on branches. Many people spend hours watching them through their binoculars. Both children and adults are always captivated by the animated atmosphere and the squawks and whistles of the birds. Many animal trainers and zoo attendants can be seen feeding the animals or washing them. Therefore, many visitors take this opportunity to take pictures with the animals taking their bath in the background. There are many signs hung at strategic places that say ‘Do Not Feed The Animals’. These signs are necessary for in many cases, food brought by visitors and given to the animals have made the animals sick. If the visitors are lucky, they can watch performances by the zoo animals when the show times are on. These animals have been trained to perform and give the visitors on entertaining time. Of

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