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Prepare, Match & Process Receipts Ad Prepare & Bank Receipts Submitted by Lilyth Clarke RBH ACCOUNTS Completed in Partial fulfillment of the Level II Accounts Course June 2009 – June 2010 Facilitator: Mrs V Hewitt Great Horizon Hotel Rose Hall St. Ann Jamaica WI (: 87 6 331 4509 (: 87 6 458 6690 [pic] Acknowledgement I would like to thank my facilitator Mrs. V Hewitt, for the advice and support she has given me. I also wish to thank Ms. P Nandoo for her encouragement and guidance. My deepest thanks go to my family for their continued love, understanding and support. Contents Title Page Introduction The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the following procedures required to Prepare, Match and Process Receipts and Prepare and Bank Receipts. Mrs. V Hewitt requested the report on Wednesday 2 September 2009. I am to assume the role of General Cashier at a fictitious hotel based in Jamaica called Great Horizon Hotel. Great Horizon Hotel “Where dreams come true” Sequester yourself on a private beach with pristine sand, shimmering waters and lush, green mountains rising in the background. Unwind to the rhythmic sounds of Reggae and treat your palate to authentic Caribbean flavors. Glide along rivers in the island’s lush interior or swim with horses in the ocean spray. Whether you want to laze in the sun or seek out adventure, Great Horizon is an idyllic escape and Rose Hall Plantation is the jewel in its crown. Located on 5,000 picture-perfect acres in Jamaica's exclusive Rose Hall, Great Horizon Golf & Spa Resort, offers: • 1200 guest rooms, suites, apartments and condos each with a private patio, balcony or terrace • 18-hole championship White Witch Golf Course 

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