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Garcia 1 Natalie Garcia February 07, 2011 Professor Oddegard English 450 Essay #1-Final Draft The Park I think that the park is an interesting location because there, you have many options to select from doing as an activity, such as taking the dog for a walk, or playing a game of ball, even the much rather enjoyed activity of playing on the playground. Apart from having a variety of choices, the park is an interesting location because there I always feel at ease and content. I find myself occasionally, more often than not, spending time with my son at Hermosa Park. Being that it is only just across the street from our house, makes it even more convenient to go. We often go there to get some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful day, but mostly to have fun. Ultimately, everyone goes to the park to have a good time. During the summer is when people get the most use out of the park, and experience joy from all the pleasurable activities that it has to offer. Upon first arriving, you can hear chains screeching from the swings swaying back and forth, along with lots of laughter and screams of joy from all the children running around and having fun. Then, almost as if it were instant, a very faint and yet distinct aroma would catch drift in the wind and awaken a hunger no person thought they had. The scent of charcoal burning from the barbequed feasts that people would be cooking over the open fired barbeque pits would . On some days you could even catch the youths competing in a baseball game, and hear all the parents screaming as they cheered for their child’s team. You can hear dogs barking with excitement while being praised from their owners after a great game of fetch. In the early morning or just before the evening, just when the temperature outside is best, you can see all the joggers and power-walkers getting their daily exercise done on the race

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