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Colton Sheets ` Period 4 APLAC COHN Essay The Death of a Rose The gardener stepped out onto the freshly moistened ground leaving the comfort of his toasty cottage. Gathering a gust of wind in his abdomen, the man gasped as the icy air bit at his lungs. The dewy grass bowed under the heavy soled boots shying away from his attentive green gloves. The water glistened off the finely spun web catching the man’s eye. One could see the destruction his eyes held. Having decimated the spider’s web, the brute moved onto his next victim. The man, without mercy, began attacking ants that were so diligently at work in collecting a meager amount of food left behind. The gardener seemed to find amusement as he tormented the helpless beings in his plentiful garden. The man, noticing a most delightful fragrance, lost all interest in his tedious task. His attention drifted to a single rose untouched by his cruel nature. The rose was at peace, stunning the man with its innocence. Sensing an inevitable threat, the thorns sharpened themselves to ward off the intruder. The gardener armed with sheers, readied for battle. The rose, in a struggle to ward off the invader pricked the man’s finger. As the blood oozed out of the man’s fresh wound, he thrashed towards the rose bush. The menace then took the rose in a determined grasp torturously removing its thorns. The villain then triumphantly severed the rose from its roots. The rose bush felt an emptiness inside. The rose took one last look at its once peaceful resting place and wept as death began to overtake it. On the way back to the cottage, the man held the rose hostage in one hand and the newly formed, rigid scab in the other. After entering his home, he locked the door, echoing the impending fate of the rose. Momentarily discarding the rose, the gardener began to hunt for a worthy vessel to harbor the rose in a feeble

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