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The very first thing anyone notices about Tom are his eyes and smile. His eyes are a strange yet beautiful hazel; the blue of his eyes is one of the truest blue hues I have ever seen, while the green that flecks the orbs is lighter, with a hint of gold. Those are are truly the windows to his soul and emotional state, for I can always read the emotion and feeling there; sometimes even the thought that crosses his mind because it is clearly written within those blue-greens of his. His smile is absolutely beaming and always with a hint of mischief in the making. That smile makes his eyes twinkle with mirth, and shows off the dimples that are set in his cheeks slightly lower than my own. His grin is almost cock-eyed, which is why there is always a mischievous look to it. He's tall, standing 6' 3" and towers over my smaller stature of 5'7". He's of strong build, muscular but not overly so and even though he works hard everyday with his hands, they are still smooth and supple, with long, graceful fingers. He has broad shoulders and legs that are long and powerful. When he walks it is with a confident, powerful stride. His jaw is squared slightly with a cherub's rounded chin, that always looks as if he has a 5 o'clock shadow even after he shaves. He wears a mustashe neatly trimmed and his hair is long, reaching down below his shoulder blades. His hair is thinning a bit on top but I believe it makes him look distinguished even though he hates that it is slowly receeding. His hair is light brown which is slowly showing hints of salt and pepper, that's more wavy than curly. Many people find that he looks intimidating at first, but as they get to know him they find that he is a kind soul, with the patience of a saint and the understanding of a

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