Describing My Gender Identity

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Describe your gender identity My gender identity is female. Discuss what messages (verbal and nonverbal, social, from institutions, family, media, etc.) you received about your gender. Give examples (such as what childhood experiences reinforced them?) Growing up I was always told that the woman is supposed to be the comforter. The one who makes sure that everything was organized and maintained around the house. Does the chores, makes sure the kids do their homework, and makes sure that their husbands are taken care of and doing their wifely duties. Being a girl in my family meant you had no other choice but to take on the normal female gender role by wearing dresses all the time, doing the cooking and cleaning, never really doing things that involved too much work with your hands, and learning different types of etiquette. When I was in school, I had to take things like etiquette classes, and I had to take classes like home economics and other classes that had to do with cleaning and cooking. I also had to take jewelry and sewing classes. These are classes that I didn’t want to take in high school. I had already wanted to sign up for my introduction to electrical engineering classes, but my mother took me out of that thinking that it was too “boyish” of a class. It was from then I felt like women were simplified to just household duties and working in hospitals. I was just taught to go by the normal gender roles that a woman was supposed to. What messages did you receive about other gender groups? (For example, were you told that gender was only female/male? Were you told there are behaviors that are only appropriate for one gender identity?) I was told that there was only male and female and that basically I couldn’t do the same things like men could do. From things like playing football, to careers like engineering. It was only appropriate for men to do

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