Describe with Examples How Different Aspects of Development Can Affect One Another.

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1:2 Describe with examples how different aspects of development can affect one another. Example 1: Separation/Divorce When a couple is getting divorce or separated with young children this can affect their behaviour patterns for example by getting into trouble with police or in school which will give them the attention they need while they may not be getting as much with the parents concentrating on their situation. This can cause various things in the child such as not eating due to the stress and anxiety caused by what will happen to their family home due to moving to new school or just being in a single parent family which can be a big change. It can be much more of a factor for a young person when it becomes general knowledge in their friendship circle. Other disadvantages from this situation can be that sometimes a single parent can’t afford expensive holidays which would make the child feel left out when they are talking about events when after coming back from their holidays and are asked to write or tell about what happened during the school holidays. The child will lose their self confidence and moral will be low if all the factors above do occur, they may also get jealous of other children who could be in a better situation because of the financial stability brought by having both the parents being together. Example 2: Children moving form Reception to Juniors most parents and children get worried about how they will fit into new environments, with children older then their own, not knowing how and what is required of them to which can cause both parent and child to feel insecure by not sleeping well and having nightmares, not eating food, and as the time gets closer the child will start to be more clingy towards the parent and vice versa for the parent

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