Describe Types or Market Research. Essay

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Task 1 (P1) Describe types or market research. Primary research: This data which is collected from its own research that’s call primary research. All the members inside the company are involved in gathering primary by sharing their thoughts and views on query which the company selects before giving out the data to clients beset. Observation: Observation includes looking some kinds of consumer activities. When a business observes customers activities by watching and videoing them in stores business can observe how they buy uses products. This gives them more exact picture of customer’s habits and shopping patterns. Survey: Surveys are one of the most commonly used systems of market research. These survey methods will classically involve with the opinion poll. There is various way of doing a survey like face to face which one of the best methods through that any can take exact information from the surveyor. It is flexible easy guess the persons facial and other expressions. Telephone is also a quite useful method for survey most of the time people don’t stay at the home or they may at work. By using this method a business can discuss with their valuable customers. Email and m-mail now a days a very popular methods of survey because everyone one now have mobile phones and computers or laptops it’s very easy way connected with humongous people for a business survey. Experimentation: The tenacity of experimentation is to find out customer’s opinion what occurs as a result of taking a specific deed. Focus groups: In focus groups a referee uses a script sequence of questions or topics to lead a discussion between groups of people. These sessions take place at neutral locations usually at services with recording equipment and an observation room with one-way mirrors. Panels: This is a survey that takes a long portion period of time with the same group. Available to
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