Describe Two Biological Explanations Of Ocd

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Describe two or more biological explanations of OCD (9 marks) The biological approach works on the assumption that abnormality is caused by dysfunctional biological processes and that it is these factors mean that an illness is more likely to occur in certain people. One explanation for OCD focuses on the role of genetics which argues that people are born with a pre disposition to have OCD. Evidence on genetics and OCD has involved using twin studies and first degree relatives. It has been found that those who have a first degree relative with OCD, such as parent of sibling, are 5 times more likely to have OCD themselves. This suggests that certain genetic factors may lead to abnormal functioning of areas of the brain causing illnesses such as OCD. In addition, there is a high concordance rate between identical twins and they are twice as likely to develop OCD if their twin has the disorder compared to non identical twins. Therefore this also shows how there are certain genes that cause OCD and that these genes may be hereditary. Another explanation for OCD is Neuroanatomical processes involving the OFC caudate nuclei loop. The loops involves the orbital frontal cortex which picks up on situations that we need to worry about and then sends this message on to the Caudate Nucleus which describes whether or not the message is important and if it deems yes, the message is passed on to the thalamus, which acts upon the received message. However in a faulty brain such as someone with OCD, the Caudate Nuclei has tissue damage and so whenever it receives information from the Orbital Frontal Cortex, it deems the message as important and therefore an issue that needs to be dealt with. Because of this sufferers of OCD get compulsions such as a repeated washing of their
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