Describe the Underworld in the Aeneid

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Describe the underworld in the Aeneid. To enter the UnderWorld to see his father, Anchises, Aeneas had to get a golden bough. "If only that golden bough would now show itself to us in this great grave." right after Aeneas says this two doves appeared before him. They were his mothers doves who she had sent to guide him to the golden bough. They flew, always keeping in the sight of Aeneas, to the tree. There he saw it "so shone the golden foliage on the dark ilex, so rustled the golden foil in the gentle breeze." All he had to do now was break it, it would only break if it was your destiny to enter the underworld. He seized the branch instantly but it resisted. He broke it off impatiently and brought it to the Sibyl. But before he could enter the underworld they had to go back and bury a soldier, Misenus, who had fallen of the ship drunk and drowned. He was now allowed to enter the underworld. The underworld was a very crowded place, especially at the mouth of the Styx where Chiron the 'no longer young' boatman ferried the dead across the river. We know that this area is crowded as Aeneas is amazed and distressed by Chiron pushing people away from the boat. He cries out "tell me, virgin priestess, what is the meaning go this crowding to the river? What do the spirits want? Why are some pushed away from the bank while others sweep the livid water with their arm?" The sibyl replies that they are "the helpless souls of the unburied." The people who aren't buried are left fluttering away for hundreds of years until they get to the side they want to go. The underworld was also filled with voices of great weeping and wailing of the souls of dead infants. You could also see the the people who were condemned to death on false charges where Minos would hold trials to inquire into the accused lives. Next to them you would see the unhappy people who 'had raised their
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