Describe the Types of Business Purpose and Ownership of Two Contrasting Businesses

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P1 I will be relating the type of business, purpose and ownership of the two contrasting organisations. The two organisations that I will be choosing are: Oxfam and Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s Purpose/aims of Sainsbury’s The purpose of Sainsbury’s is that they are trying to make as much profit as possible, as they are competing with other supermarkets and be the number one UK’s supermarket, and this will allow them to expand on their business. Sainsbury’s have a long term goal to deliver their products and keep their customers happy. One of their objectives is to make life easier for their customers by offering products with good quality and service with a fair price. This also makes the customers happy and makes them want to shop there more. This helps Sainsbury’s to increase their profit rate. The fact that they have a clear, long-term strategy shows that they are informing future developments, and that they are thinking deeply and clearly on how to adapt, develop and grow quickly before they get left behind in the competition with competing against other businesses. Business activity Sainsbury’s is a national company as it has stores throughout the UK, and this shows that they are making profit day in a day out. Improvement within the business Sainsbury’s are doing many things to improve their business of their five values, so that they are improving the business and still staying in the market. By staying committed to their values, they are making their customer’s lives much calmer and easier by offering products with good quality. Their values are serious to achieving this which means they are 100% dedicated in making a difference and being a good neighbour. Furthermore, Sainsbury’s customers rely on Sainsbury’s to produce and sell good products which means Sainsbury’s customers trust their staff a lot. Business sector Sainsbury’s is in the
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