Describe the Social, Economic and Cultural Factors That Will Impact on the Lives of Children and Young People.

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There are many factors which will impact on the lives of children and young people. Such as criminal activity, poverty and religion. If a child is exposed to criminal activity or anti-social behaviour there are numerous ways this could affect them. If the behaviour is displayed by a role model the child may perceive it to be normal or acceptable and copy the behaviour. This could lead them to being unable to form positive and stable friendships due to disruptive behaviour, being unable to achieve academic goals or, in worse scenarios, imprisoned. Moreover if the parent or guardian is the role model exposing them to unlawful behaviour is it possible the parent may be jailed and the child may be bullied or taken into care. Poverty usually results from a low income. Lack of funds can result in poor nutrition from a bad diet, lack of adequate clothing and unsuitable housing. Separately or collectively these aspects are likely to impact negatively within the education environment as the child is: unlikely to own the latest 'must-have' accessories; unlikely to attend trips or be involved in extra-curricular activities; possible to be under stress and experience depression; likely to have low self-esteem or sense of well-being as a result of bullying or low expectations from teachers and parents. Religion generally originates from parents' personal choice. If the parent decides for their child to attend a school which excludes views alternative to their beliefs (e.g. omission of religious education or theory of evolution) the child will not be receiving a balanced education. This could be extremely damaging in later life if they fail to adjust to other peoples' perspectives and may find it difficult to integrate into a multi-cultural society. They may also develop a skewed sense of right and wrong and feel confused or
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