Describe the Historic Development of Nursing During the Apprenticeship Period. Essay

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The term nursing may be defined as an art and as a science. If one is to define nursing as an art then nursing is the art of caring sick and well individual. It refers to the dynamic skills and methods in assisting sick and well individual in their recovery and in the promotion and maintenance of health. It involves the creative application of knowledge in the service of people. Nursing as a science on the other hand suggests it is the “body of abstract knowledge” arrived through scientific research and logical analysis. It is the scientific knowledge and skills in assisting individual to achieve optimal health. It is the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential problem. Throughout the history of nursing there were many different periods that contributed to what is known today as a professional Nurse. These periods are the intuitive period, the apprenticeship period, the educative period and the contemporary period. The apprenticeship period extends from the founding of religious nursing orders in the Crusades which began from the 6th through the 11th century and ended in 1836. The apprenticeship period was also referred to as the “On the Job training, “as nursing care was performed by persons without any formal education or training and were directed by more experienced nurses. Religious orders of the Christian Church were solely responsible for this type of nursing. The Crusades had an impact on the historic development of nursing in the apprenticeship period by the establishment of nursing orders. It took place in order to gain religious, political and economic power or for adventure. During this period it happened as an attempt to recapture to Holy land from the Turk who obtained and gained control of the region as a result of power struggle. It resulted in the Christians being separated due to several religious

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