Describe the Different Types of Teams That Operate Within a Selected Public Service (P5).

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Divisional. In public services teams may be split into divisions, which are identifiable and have a clear role. In the army there are 5 divisions Departmental. In public services most teams will split into different departments. In each department there will be a leader, they will be in charge of the department and the team’s actions. They would have to clarify and be responsible for all team decisions made. Sectional. In public services teams may be split up and put into sections. Each team or section will be responsible to complete a particular task. For example the British army are split into sections of 8 soldiers. (6 soldiers, a corporal and a lance corporal) Geographical. In public services teams may be split to geographical teams, this is where a team may be restricted to a particular geographical area. The task will be limited to this area only and team members may be recruited from the same area also. For example, in the fire service, each station will have a particular area they need to cover and that is where they will receive their emergency calls from. Multi-disciplinary. In public services, teams may be split into multi-disciplinary teams, this is where teams will use different skills in order to carry out a task, with heavy procedures. These are usually seen as enjoyable places to work due to the vision of other member’s roles and sharing of best practice. For example an aircraft servicing team containing members responsible for electrical, radar, airframes, and refuelling systems. Regiment. In public services, a regiment is a military unit within the armed services that is made up of battalions, which are commanded by a colonel. A regiment can be one of two units, either an administrative unit, where they are responsible for non-operational management, or a deployable combat arm, which can have anywhere from a few hundred to
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