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Ismel Padron Julia and me The Cubans people always have had a strong influence by this country however they are enemies. Almost every person there dream to come here looking for freedom and a new start that’s why English has some roots in that island that one was colonized by England . For that reason many children and adults go to school to learn English when an opportunity to leave Cuba knocks their door. Unfortunately my parents knew that they would never see that dream come truth and as a result I never learned English like Julia did and I see now how many differences we have in the way we got it such as family support , school, and age. In my home in Cuba my family speaks…show more content…
In Cuba the only way to learn English was through English program financed by the government and private teacher was not allowed. These programs were very poor academically at mine time and the teachers were not well prepared. In addition, the government objective was to encourage students to learn Russian because its alliance with the Soviet Union. In contrast, Julia once she got Dominican Republic and could start the school her parents registered her in a bilingual private school and she started getting grammatical lesson with goods professors and feeling more comfortable with the new language. My third difficult was the first time when I saw a book in English here in this country. I remember I could not understand anything in the TV, magazines or newspapers. I think that my ages slow me down in the language process. Age is very important to learn because when you are young the brain is brand new and like a sponge that catches everything. Julia had this advantages and that’s why she learned faster and better than me. In conclusion, I understand now the importance to learn a second language and how it can affect you if you are planning to live in the U.S. Julia and I had a lot of difference in the way we learned like family, ages and schools but the most important thing is that both of us never give

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