Describe the Costumes in the Nutcracker and Discuss Their Effectiveness.

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Describe the costumes in The Nutcracker and discuss their effectiveness. Choreographer: Matthew Bourne Costume Designer: Anthony Ward The costumes in Matthew Bourne ‘The Orphanage’ scene was overall very effective, I understood the performers characters straight away because their costumes are simple. Firstly, all the orphans are wearing dark colours, the girls wore a dark grey long dress with long sleeves and had three buttons to keep the dress shut. The boys wore a lighter grey long sleeved shirt and high waist black trousers, the shirt was tucked into the trousers which suggests the children have manners. Anthony Ward’s intention of the dark colours was to show how the children were feelings because they are orphans so they are unhappy and the orphanage is a dull colourless place so the children should feel the same. All the orphans wore black jazz shoes, the girls had thick black tights and the boys wore plain black shoes. Each orphan showed their personality in a way, two of them wore glasses to prove their intelligence, one of the boys had rolled sleeves with illiterates he could be cheeky. The girls had their hair in either bunches or platies, and they boys all had the same haircut, this could suggest how strict the orphanage is and all the orphans have to look the same, dull. Secondly, we have Sugar, she is an orphan with her own style. She is wearing a Victorian look alike dress which is black and has an open flurry collar with a white long sleeved shirt that comes out from under the long black sleeves. The shoulders have a padded effect, the skirt is a big puffy skirt, with lots of white layers under the black skirt to make the dress pop out. She is wearing skin coloured tights and black low heel shoes. She has a big black bow on top of her head and has a tight but heavy bun. She has make up on unlike the other orphans, she has a darker

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