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I have been to many places in Newfoundland and I consider St. Shotts as a Paradise to me. The Friendly people, beautiful scenery, loving nature and the amazing ocean sunset are great characteristics of St. Shotts. St. Shotts appeared on a landmark on a map in 1544. Soon after, it was established as a fishing settlement in 1680. By the 1790’s settlers moved into St. Shotts for hunting and harvesting for the resources of the land and sea. Their surnames included, Best, Corrigan, Davis, Lewis, Mc Neil, & Myrick just to name a few. My Great Grandfather lived in St. Shotts, Nicholas Davis and he married my Great Grandmother Josephine Davis (Lewis). They raised a family of 5 girls and 1 boy. As a result, my Grandmother Mary Coombs…show more content…
They would like this chore as they were able to play in the water. They would wash wool and dry it so my Great Grandmother would be able to spin it on her Spinning Wheel so she could make yarn and if not they would pack it up in bags and send it away for money or to receive quilts back for cold stormy nights in bed. They would also take turns at cooking and cleaning their house. My Great Grandfather Nicholas Davis fished in the summer time and when the fishing boats would come home into St. Shotts, my Grandmother would run out to the shore with Great Grandfathers supper. Everyone would be delighted to see the boats arriving home. My Great Uncle Tom Best would hunt for Rabbits and tend to his garden, as well, his hay and his animals which were cows and sheep. St. Shotts has a lot of country that surrounds it, when the season was right my family would hunt for Berries for example, bake apples, blue berries, and partridge berries. In the winter time, there was lots of fish, lamb and moose or caribou to eat. My second most interesting thing I learned was when my Grandmother got older and had her own family and moved to Trepassey but, Great Aunt Nellie and Uncle Tommy Davis remained in St. Shotts. As years went on they got paved roads to St. Shotts, the construction of a fog alarm on the eastern head, a concrete wharf and breakwater, the replacement of the church & a primary school, a peat harvesting operation which the pasture…show more content…
I really enjoyed preparing for this heritage fair, because it gave me a great understanding of my families culture and roots for so many years ago. It still lives on in my Great Aunts and Grandmother. I have many keepsakes and stories to pass along to the next generation. If I was to do this project again, I would have liked to interview my other Great Aunts who still love to visit their home town. I really enjoyed preparing for this fair because it gave me a great understanding of my family’s roots and how St. Shotts played an aspect of Newfoundland and Labrador culture. I am Nathan Dermot Nicholas Corrigan and I’m proud to have belonged to such a wonderful place called St. Shotts, Our Home, Our

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