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Price county BY: Tyler Servais I chose Price county because it is one of Northern Wisconsin's most popular recreation counties. Price county has a total area of 1,278 square miles of which 1,254 square miles is land and 24 square miles is water. The highest natural point in Wisconsin, timms hill, at 1,951 feet, is located in Price County. Phillips is a city in Price county, wisconsin. The population was 1,478 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Price county. Park Falls is a city in Price county, Wisconsin. The population was 2,462 at the 2010 census. Price County was created on March 3, 1879, when Wisconsin Governor William E.smith signed…show more content…
In 1948, at age 62, Price County native Fred Smith began construction of what is known today as Wisconsin Concrete Park. Smith, a lumberjack, tavern owner, farmer, and dance hall musician, created over 200 figures depicting his vision of the local culture and the world. His work is considered one of America’s most unique displays of folk art. Smith built his figures on wooden frames wrapped with mink wire. He covered them with hand-mixed cement and decorated them with a variety of broken glass and found objects. He often accepted tourists’ donations of glass objects for his creations. Smith’s characters came from local legend and personal acquaintances as well as legendary heroes. Some of his most widely recognized statues include Ben Hur, the Lincolns, Sacajawea, and Paul Bunyan. Shortly after Fred Smith’s death in 1976, the Wisconsin Concrete Park was purchased by the Kohler Foundation and later gifted to Price County. The park is maintained and promoted by the Price County Forestry & Parks and Tourism departments with assistance from the Friends of Fred Smith, Inc., with restorative efforts continuing on a regular

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