Describe How Perceptions of Leadership Behaviours Change Across Cultures.

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Annotated bibliography Describe how perceptions of leadership behaviours change across cultures. ARTICLE 1: Reference: The International Journal of Human Resource Management - The reception of Anglo leadership styles in a transforming society: the case of American companies in Vietnam. Summary The article studies the transfer of Anglo leadership styles in an altering society. Its aim was to find if two different leadership styles, performance-oriented and participative styles are transferable to the Vietnamese subsidiaries. The study presents evidence of a strong acceptance of these leadership styles; the findings were gathered using exploratory case study approach. It attempts to determine whether the implementation of a humane style of leadership in line with Vietnamese traditions is a means of leaders reconciling the cultural gap. Multiple difficulties resulted from the altering nature of the Vietnamese socio-political and economic context. Particularly, the importance of subcultures, those involving generation was emphasised. Also factors such as the skills of group were very important and taken into consideration. The study indicated that the younger generation (post 1975) was the very first generation after the Vietnamese-American War to have studied English at school, and was the first to be exposed to an influx of non-communist, Western values, resulting in many changes to their personal values and attitudes. Where as the older generation can be perceived as slow to change, less productive and less technologically savvy, which impedes their performance. But the study found that by using proper selection methods, Multination Companies were confident with the quality of older employers and could achieve high quality results. Annotation/ critique The study was based over a 3-year period from 2008-2011, in Multination Companies
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