Describe the health and fitness benefits of Rugby

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Describe the health and fitness benefits of your activity Fitness The ability to meet the demands of the surrounding environment. They are many benefits of rugby to your physical Fitness: • Regularly playing rugby will have a huge affect on the cardiovascular system. This is the system that includes your heart, lungs and blood vessels. With rugby it is mainly aerobic work this will improve the cardiovascular system which can be measured by cardiac output which is a way to see how healthily your heart is. To work it out the calculation is: heart rate (how many times heart beats per minute) times stroke volume (amount of blood out of your heart in one beat). • Regularly playing rugby will also have a major effect on the muscular system. This is mainly due to the intense demands on muscles during periods of contact in the game like the scrum and also at the lineout which both evolve large amount of muscular strength and due to the long periods of 40 minutes each way the muscular endurance will be improved. • Another key factor of fitness which is improved when playing rugby is flexibility. This is needed buy players so that when they go in for tackles they are able to adjust their bodies to the right position to tackle the player. Health Not just the absents of disease but a state of physical, mental and social well being. There are benefits of regularly playing rugby to all 3 of the components of health: Physical • Regularly playing rugby will also increase your bone density. This is because exercise imposes stress on the bones which encourages the laying down of bony plates and the deposition of calcium salts along the line of stress. By improving the density of your bones you are less likely to get things like osteoporosis in later life. • Also as your cardiovascular system improves the less likely you are to have a heart attack or stroke or suffer

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