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This whole world is based off of just a few key subjects. If you were to as a well-bread man what the most important thing in the world they would respond with sports and girls. Well, I’m not talking about girls but I do think sports are important to our style of living. There are millions of sports but one group has always stood out to me. This group is the one that deals with a bunch of girls in short shorts hitting balls. The subgroup that interests me is the volleyball players. Women volleyball players have objects associated with them, a language they use to communicate, and rituals that happen between their teams. Volleyball players have a certain sense of style and most people can point out that style. I have noticed that they have…show more content…
On occasion they ask each other what time the game is on Saturday or how long is practice suppose to run tonight. These are common things to talk about when the team is not practicing or at a game. They also say phrases like “where is the game at?” or “How long is the tournament suppose to last this weekend?” As I spoke with some female volleyball players from my old school they said some interesting things to say. The most interesting quote that one of the players, varsity team, told me, “Unless I was friends with players from the team before the season started I really don’t hang-out or talk to them outside of team gatherings. Maybe I will say Hi in the hall ways.” This was interesting because when you watch a game they seem like such a team, they seem like a big group of…show more content…
Some teams will meet at a player’s house and spend time bonding together as a team. This initially helps the team prepare for the game tomorrow. I believe this is the biggest ritual that they do the day before the game. This brings the team together before the game so they act like a team. From my own experience, I played volleyball my freshman year and we lost almost every game because we didn’t play like a team. One Friday night before a Saturday tournament we went to the coaches house for a couple of hours and hung out like a team. On Saturday we won first place in the tournament and took home metals. It is a proven fact that hanging out like a team will help the players play like a

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